Skyline Beverly Park with great features and beautiful location

Skyline Beverly Park is found preferably with better access to Manyata and Whitefield Tech Park. There are malls and shopping centers in close region. The local location offers 258 pads spread over four sections of land. Skyline gathering planted more than 650 green trees inside for making the spot among the most ecofriendly undertakings. Inside the ventures, there are offices for gathering precipitation water. For lighting the pathways and greenery enclosure zones, the organization utilized sunlight based vitality.

For every 4 lofts, there are two programmed lifts and 1 administration lift. There are cladding and marble/stone ground surface on ground floor anteroom while the side mass of lift on other floor is simply marble/rock cladding. The surface for carport is hard and there are inclines for garage on secured solid chunk with a storm cellar auto park. There is an auto wash narrows and drivers toiler with an accumulation room of refuse in storm cellar. There is a junk chute in every floor.


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