Britney Spears’s Latest Hit Is $7.4 Million of Real Estate Gold

Oops, Britney did it again! The pop star, who has hopped from house to house around LA over the last decade, has reportedly just closed on a sprawling Italian villain Thousand Oaks. The five-bedroom, seven-and-a-half-bath main residence is over 13,000 square-feet and sits on 20 picturesque acres. It comes equipped with every possible amenity, from a golf course to tennis courts to a massive wine cellar. With its resort-like vibe, it’s easy to mistake the private home for a five-star hotel.

The Femme Fatale singer dropped a cool $7.4 million on the mansion — small change for Brit, who’s now making a reported $475,000 a show during her Las Vegas residency.


On the real estate circuit, the purchase is being considered quite a steal since the mansion was originally listed for several million more and has a current appraisal value of $13.4 million on Zillow. So how did Britney get such a great deal? It could be because she purchased it from the bank; Trulia lists the home’s prior status as foreclosed.

While we may never know how Ms. Spears negotiated such a fantastic price, we can confidentially say that she and sons Sean Preston and Jayden will have a wonderful time living here.


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